Secretors and Non-Secretors, Blood Groups Antigens, and Antibodies. Immunologic Involvement against Invaders.

Secretors and Non-Secretors

The world population is divided into two different groups referring to blood group systems, secretors, and non-secretors.

Maybe a connection on how the COVID-19 coronavirus is affecting the global population.

I was always intrigued about the concept of secretor and non-secretor since I apprehended from Dr. Peter D’Adamo and I am using his theories now to develop a questionnaire and potential brainstorming around a concept that probably for himself does not make any sense in this case.

Blood Groups Analysis

Source: “Eat Right 4 Your Type” “Blood Type Encyclopedia” Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo

In the ABO system each blood group has a different antigen with its own structure and blood groups are named based on this characteristic.

Blood type A has an A antigen on its red blood cells, group B a B antigen, group AB has both A and B antigens, blood type O has  the H antigen which is not really an antigen and because of this is referred as group zero in Europe.

Blood groups under the chemical structure are made of long chains of repeating sugars that end with a sugar called fucose, the simplest of the blood group antigens, O or H; this antigen also is the platform for the other blood groups and which are determined by our genetics.

For example, blood group A is capable to produce an enzyme that converts the H antigen into the A antigen, group B in B, group AB both the enzymes, while group O does not produce enzymes for cannot convert its H in any other antigen.

Blood group A is made of the O sugar, fucose and another sugar, N-acetyl galactosamine by its end. Blood group B by fucose and D-galactosamine at its end. Blood group AB from fucose and both the other sugars, N-acetyl-galactosamine and D-galactosamine.  Blood group O only from fucose.

Immunologic Involvement of Blood Groups

When the immune system perceives a potential invader creates antibodies against that antigen, these antibodies are made from the immune cells, and each is specifically designed to identify and attach to the specific shape of an antigen.

Antibodies have a constant portion to which the cells of the immune system can bind and a variable portion made normally of two arms that can be adjusted to the shape and size of the antigen and that together the constant portion gives to the antibody the shape of a Y.

If there is a constant fight between antigens and antibodies as during the course of a disease and change or mutation of an antigen the antibody will not recognize, and the immune system will respond increasing the number and type of antibodies.

Blood groups produce antibodies to other blood group antigens, the reason for transfusions need be done from same blood types or from a type which does not have antigens and so antibodies against, as blood type O, the universal donor.

Antibodies against other blood groups, or anti-blood group antibodies are Ig M, and are the most potent in our immune system because of their shape, they actually have a star configuration because the variable portion is made of 5 arms, fort his reason they can attach to more antigens; this is what causes agglutination, and the reason why these antibodies are named hemagglutinins because they agglutinate antigens on blood red cells or any other microorganism that enters in our system.

This powerful ability of the hemagglutinins to agglutinate can be detected on a glass slide with naked eyes, without microscope, and it is the most common way of identifying blood groups in laboratory.

Most antibodies require a stimulation to be produced as a vaccination or an infection, the blood group antibodies are produced automatically from birth and reach the adult levels by four months as result of introduction of food or microbes of a different blood group.

When intruders of any type are agglutinated from these antibodies they stick together and clump and this make easier to be detected from the other components of the immune system as the complement, for example, which detects immune-complexes, and to be eliminated.    

When this hemagglutination occurs within blood groups due to a wrong blood transfusion the results are those typical of a mistaken blood transfusion, and pretty dangerous, as anaphylactic shock, for example.

Principles of Blood Groups Transfusion

Referring to the ABO system and ways a transfusion can happen, blood type A has antibodies against  blood type B for having the A antigen, for this reason can receive blood only from type A and O, while type B has anti-A, for can only receive from B and O, AB has both the antigens and not antibodies against, and for this reason can receive from each other type, and is the universal acceptor, none of the groups has instead antibodies against blood group O because this one does not have antigens and this is why blood group O is the universal donor.

The Lewis System

Secretors and non-secretors are characterized by the Lewis system of blood groups, secretors are the 80% of population and those who carry the blood type antigens in their secrets, like saliva and mucus and that for this reason have a  better protection and stronger immune system, non-secretors the 20%, instead, do not carry blood type antigens in their secrets and therefore have a weaker immune system and lesser protection.

The Lewis system of blood groups, by the doctor’s definition can be performed on secrets for being the antigens in the secrets, the most common way is the test on saliva for the presence of the ABH antigen, if this antigen is present the person is secretor, if not, non-secretor; or can be also done on blood using the Lewis blood group system.

Being secretor or non-secretor is independent from the ABO blood group and it is controlled by a different gene; this is defined as ABH secretor system, and it means that a type A or B or O or AB can be either secretor or non- secretor

In this system two possible antigens can be produced, Lewis-a and Lewis-b, with no relation with the A and B blood groups. People can type as:

Lewis-(a-b+), or Le(a-b+) = secretor

Lewis-(a+b-), or Le(a+b-) = non-secretor

Lewis (a-b-), or Le(a-b-) = Lewis negative or double negative (secretor or non-secretor)

The reason for there are Lewis negative individuals is due to the fact that a small number of individuals (6% of white population and 16% of the black population) are genetically not capable to manufacture Lewis-a since the birth.

For this small percentage of people, the Lewis system cannot be used for definition of secretor status but based on the doctor’s experience they can be included with non-secretor since they share many of the health problems and serious consequences.

For example, non-secretors are more prone to general inflammation and autoimmune diseases than secretors, to both types of diabetes and metabolic problems, heart disease, urinary infections, cancer, and immunodeficiency.

I was wondering if the differentiation in secretor and non-secretor has to do with the fact that the 20% of the global population results in that was supposed to be more hit from the virus based on the statistics of the health organizations, while the majority correspondent to the 80% should be the one with less severity of symptoms and course of the disease or even asymptomatic.

But is this what has been happening or the statistics are different? I leave this conclusion and evaluation to the experts with the hope that can be found some kind of connections with this typization among secretors and non-secretors and the way the population are hit from the virus of the pandemic.

Blood Groups and Connections with COVID-19

In regard instead of the connection among blood groups and the virus based on what has been observed in China where the major number of critical cases were blood type A,  Dr. D’Adamo ‘s conclusion has been of not too much importance because of other factors that influence the risks and process of this disease and its complications as the comorbidity for example and which could be due, (I am personally adding), to the distinction between secretor and non-secretors?

Here is a statement from his own article: “COVID-19: ABO BLOOD TYPE”

This is the link:

From a citation from this article: In a study published in 2008 in a journal of Glycobiology was observed that the property of the spike proteins of coronaviruses to adhere to cells expressing the enzyme ACE-2 was inhibited either from monoclonal than from natural human antibodies.

“This indicated that these antibodies may block the interaction between the virus and its receptor, thereby providing protection. They concluded that ‘the ABO polymorphism could contribute to substantially reduce the virus transmission, affecting both the number of infected individuals and the kinetics of the epidemic.”

Dr. D’Adamo’s Statement:

“There is a long evidence-based history that linking the ABO blood types (A, B, AB and O) with specific differences in susceptibility to a wide range of infectious illnesses, including smallpox, plague, cholera and influenza. Although most speculation calls research to identify some aspect of the difference between the cell antigens that characterize the physical manifestation of ABO blood type, it is much more likely that the cause behind the blood type differences lay instead with the opposing blood group antibodies and not the antigens”.

Reconsidering instead the classification secretors, non-secretors, if really this virus- having an A-type configuration- can recognize A-type structures as blood groups A, for example, non-secretors, blood type-A people with not antigens in their secrets should not be recognized easily by the virus. It appears very controversial and ambiguous, just a hypothesis.

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Natural Protocols To Strength The Immune System

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The battle to the Coronavirus continues, while almost all States are close to reopen.

Different trials on variety of antiviral drugs and to relieve symptoms of complications have been initiated and experimented since the begin.

The fight and concurrence for the vaccine continues and it seems to take still time to come to a conclusion, but most of naturopaths are against vaccines and some think that a vaccine for this type of virus would bring catastrophic results especially if made from viruses attenuated.

The use of convalescent serum made of antibodies, Ig G, coming from people healed from the virus and with immunity against also has been used in some hospitals with good results and based on the availability, but it looks not to give the same expectations for others.

News are coming on daily basis and changing and reversing some of the believes in regard of drugs or approaches that were believed to work well; this also depends from the population they are applied and personal medical history and underlying conditions, I believe; maybe for some people may be better a therapy than other, and I think that all the doctors in charge know what they do besides risking their life every day. God Bless all of them!

As we all know at this time the most important thing we can do is to reinforce the immune system, to work on the prevention and on social distance and personal hygiene and on being careful and taking care of ourselves with appropriate lifestyle.

There are variety of natural protocols to support the immune system, last emerging and most recommended from naturopaths are:

Vitamin C intravenous high doses for those in critical conditions, regular doses for prevention but many naturopaths normally take high doses also for prevention, liposomal vitamin C complexes are the most sold these last periods for their properties to release the vitamin directly to the cells through the cell coat being this a phospholipidic bilayer.

Vitamin D as vitamin C is also very important in supporting the immune system and not simply this, it has variety of functions and beside modulating the activity of the innate and adaptive immune system also modulate the intestinal “tight junctions” of permeable intestines. Data from research recommend high doses of vitamin D3 especially for those with low levels, reduced by weeks; for those that want to use for prevention probably 1000-2000 IU per day should be okay, but normally are taken also 5000 IU. Vitamin A also important to support the mucous membranes as much as included in multivitamins, of course these last two vitamins being liposoluble can intoxicate the liver at excessive high dosed for there is to be careful.

Gut health is also particularly important, actually the most important as we very well know now, the health of microbiome and gastrointestinal health to recover from most of diseases. With an healthy and integer gastrointestinal wall and balanced microbiome also the immune system is stronger, products useful for these functions are zinc carnosine for healing the lining of stomach, and zinc sulfate under suggestion of Dr. Izabella Wentz, naturopath and pharmacist together DGL, or licorice deglycerolized and all other compounds in gastro complexes support. Dr. Wentz also recommends S.  Boulardii, a type of yeast that helps to get free of bad microorganisms besides regular probiotics.

NAC, or N- acetyl-cysteine seems to be of help as well for regulating the mucus production and therefor for easing the briefing issues correlated to the complications of the virus, along with its major properties of detoxifier, and also NAC is a precursor of Glutathione at certain doses, and Glutathione as the best body antioxidant and detoxifier has also antiviral properties and is a good briefing support as much as NAC.

Variety of antiviral and immune supporting herbs like echinacea, elderberry, andrographis, scutellaria baicalensis, goldenseal, astragalus, epigallocatechin, or EGCG, licorice, propolis, garlic, oregano sage, thyme, olive leaf, reishi mushroom and more eventually are included in antiviral complexes besides vitamin C and zinc.

Antioxidants polyphenols and flavonoids as resveratrol, melatonin and quercetin also have been started in some trials in different countries, quercetin specifically seems to behave as ionophore, a substance that enhances the entrance of ions, in this case of zinc for its antiviral properties, inhibits the viral replication, but only works in form of ion; two of the doctors I follow, Dr. Michael Murray and Dr. Peter D’Adamo have been giving detailed explanations in their articles in regard of quercetin antiviral properties, and the modality of its function as a ionophore.

Let’s do not forget of turmeric, the principle in curcumin and other best antioxidant and anti-inflammatory with its multiple applications approved and quoted from same traditional medicine.

Dr. Tom O’Brian also has been giving updates on Coronavirus through a serial of live webinars and talking about a variety of topics related, most important at the time the news in regard of the importance of vitamin D and the rate of mortality correlation found for the North of Italy population from a study appeared on the British Journal and coming from Italian researchers. He also was mentioning the Scandinavia Paradox, and the importance for preventing and healing of being exposed to the sun and to the light recalling what did already happen during the 1918 pandemic.

The Scandinavia Paradox refers to the fact that people of north of Europe  where sun is not so frequent have a much better level of vitamin D compared to the south of Europe eventually  because their food is fortified with vitamin D, or because their diet is based on foods richer in vitamin D, or because they take more as supplements.

For the most of naturopaths this is also a disease of lifestyle and it is absolutely necessary to follow among the social distance and extreme hygiene regulations roles, healthy prototypes to keep away the virus. More important to support the immune system hardly attacked from this virus for the cytokine storm that its capable to trigger activating the natural killer cells and all of the elements of the innate cellular immune system, as T-lymphocytes and their products. Besides the adjuvants listed it is of much importance the nutrition, healthy and organic rainbow diet, good amount of sleep and exercise and avoidance of stress and toxins, chemical and environmental.

Dr. Peter D’ Adamo has always given a certain importance to stress as the root cause of diseases besides his main concept based on lectins from food and intolerances or allergies to these and from here the consequences as “leaky gut” and all that derives from this.

His main science is based on blood groups differentiation and diseases correlated to these, but more than everything to foods intolerance based on blood groups so as for certain diseases.

It looks like to be a correlation among blood types and the coronavirus SARS-Cov-2 so as there is for the different groups and viruses of influenza and Dr. D’ Adamo gives all the explanations in his articles, science writings and books. He also has been giving updates on the virus through his personal blogs.

Here the link for his blogs:

My intent is to keep looking at new solutions and never giving up because there is the life of the whole world in risk and of people of any age, and if I think of elderly or children I cannot stop worrying about, but in the same time want to be optimist and confident for working solutions as we all want.

May God be with all the brilliant minds of the scientists of this world to address finding proper solutions and antagonists for this virus.

Thanks for reading

Mariarosaria M.

Scientists of Sources:

Dr. Michael T. Murray, N.D.    Dr. Peter J. D’ Adamo, N.D.

Dr. Tom O’ Brian, DC, CCN, DACBN.   Dr. Izabella Wentz, PharmD, FASCP

Updates for COVID-19 From Trusted Naturopathic Sources

Dr. Michael Murray is one of the most trusted sources in the naturopathic field, he is defined as “The Natural Voice” .

One of the world’s leading authorities on natural medicine, Dr. Murray has published over 30 books featuring natural approaches to health. He is a graduate, former faculty member, and serves on the Board of Regents of Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington. (

He also has appeared in many shows on public television and continues his activity and research informing on regular basis about current and hot topics through his articles and webinars and organization of national and world summits.

Here is a direct report from one of Dr. Murray’s webinars in regard of the  SARS-CoV-2  Coronavirus, analysis of facts and natural resources to fight and to cope with it.

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Mariarosaria M.

Exhaustion. How Adrenal Stress Can Affect Thyroid Function and The Methylation Balance

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The pandemic with all its explosion and consequences has made the most of us more stressed out and exhausted besides “scared” “worried” “demoralized” “sad” “incredulous” etc.….

There are no more words to comment and to describe all of this, we all perfectly know  what is happening, and we all are hoping in miraculous solutions as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, is still taking lives and making sick hundred of thousand of people around the world as much as different therapies and solutions have been experimented and are coming up or being revaluated day by day.

In some country the curve has reached the plateau and the epidemy has been decreasing with hopes of reopening and going back to a sort of regular life, and many are, but till what point can be normal, we don’t know; it’s not safe and many of us are wondering how we are going to do unless we do test for antibodies in serum and discover that we have IgG to the virus, the immunoglobulins of the chronic infections, those that show that an infection took place and the immune system developed antibodies and so immunity against it.

In the meantime we wait and we continue this atypical life that we are living from few months now; for many of us it has been not so difficult to stay home, but for the most has been tough, and especially in those places where regulations have been much more drastic.

The problem is not to stay home as long as we can go out for a sunshine walk and a fresh air of brief, the problem is not to find things to do, there are always plenty of things to do at home, the problem is for how long! Here is where people have started to become impatient and humanly this has been and still is a big challenge, but more than everything is to hear everyday about new cases and death, unbelievable and unacceptable in a modern society like this.

We all struggle to hear about this tragic reality and think about the people involved and we all would like to do something to help and support, and we all are trying to do our way of possibilities, but it is never enough compared to the heroes of the situation, those who are fighting on the first lines from months to help the poor victims to fight against this horrible virus, we can only pray for them and for all those involved.

This is the major stress that all of us are living and most of the people can handle stress well, and so even if there are difficult moments and more challenges, they take a pause and try to slow down and then they keep going, but unfortunately as much as they do and believe they do, the stress hit without they even realize.

With thyroid stress is pretty much involved, people get stressed easily if the thyroid function is not balanced, otherwise they are pretty regular.

The cycle is a vicious cycle, if one gets stress then go out of balance, and if not in balance become more stressed out; of course, in situations like this pandemic there are variety of reasons for being stressed out.

The problem is when stress turns in exhaustion, here is when it becomes more serious and remedies are necessary.

So, what is adrenal stress and what are remedies for exhaustion.

Adrenal stress for my interpretation, and the experts forgive me if I am wrong, is a type of stress caused by the imbalance in the cycle of normal stress. With regular stress the fight neurotransmitters or catecholamines like epinephrine or adrenaline and norepinephrine are activated; when under stress the involuntary nervous system, the sympathetic, stimulates the productions of  these neurotransmitters which activate the adrenal gland with the variety of body functions and put the systems in alert; in normal situations things go back to normality thanks to the action of the parasympathetic system which is the one that controls the relaxation of body functions and provides calm and serenity.

When stress becomes chronic, or during period of intense and drastic stress due to situations like catastrophes, or accidents and death the balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic is lost and the emotional status influence the activation of the Hypothalamus-Hypophysis, or Pituitary Gland Axis, the HPA or HTPA Axis. The Hypothalamus produce CRH, Corticotropin Releasing Hormones, this stimulates the Adenohypophysis or anterior lobe of the Hypophysis to produce ACTH, or Adrenocorticotropic hormone that activate the Adrenal cortex to produce Glucocorticoids hormones like Cortisol.

There is a negative feedback in this cycle of neuroendocrine hormones and neurotransmitters so as with the thyroid hormones and which under normal circumstances inhibits the production of CRH by the Hypothalamus to interrupt the activation, but if the system is under constant activation as during these times also due to the immune system activation, there will be not inhibition and mainly the adrenal glands will continue producing cortisol activating all the body functions and disrupting the sleeping cycle. Normally cortisol is high in the morning and low at evening when melatonin instead raises, in these periods cortisol is constantly high keeping people tense and not capable to sleep unless they take remedies.

Remedies are various and besides the deep briefing, relaxing music and techniques like, massages, meditation, and yoga, or a walk by the sun, and by nature, the most important for everything, there are variety of herbs and supplements for the occasion and of course diet.

As with all diets, it is necessary a diet that eliminates all foods that may cause anxiety and replacing with plenty of antioxidants and relaxing foods.

Oatmeal as a complex fiber helps with healthy intestinal functions and microbial flora so as yogurts and therefore with replacement of good bacteria that also regulate brain functions; in addition oat as a carb is precursor of serotonin, the neurotransmitter of calm and happiness.

Berries, dark chocolate and teas are good for mood thanks to the presence of elements similar to mood regulators, spinach and nuts for their content in magnesium for its relaxing properties and more, and spinach of folates too, important for the methylation cycle and for lowering depression, dark chocolate for its properties in lowering cortisol and for stimulating the production of serotonin, all foods rich in omega’s 3 fatty acids antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, just to give some examples; proteins are important as well especially if crashed.

The most of supplements for stress are based on adaptogens. Adaptogens, as of the Wikipedia definition are: “substances that can increase resistance to stress”, herbs  that promotes healing like Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, Bacopa Manneri, Panax Ginseng, Holy Basil, Licorice, Ginger, Rosemary, Sage, Peppermint, Astragalus, Schisandra, Cordyceps, and more.

Of course, relaxing elements and herbs that can promote calm and serenity and restoring sleep as GABA, L-Theanine and Melatonin, or also 5-HTP, normally in complex for sleep aid or for relax, together magnesium and calcium for their muscle relaxing properties in low doses. Magnesium is also well used itself for its calming effects mainly in form of glycinate or oxide, so as the Epsom salts and lavender massage oils in addition to relaxing and calming herbs like, Chamomile, Valerian, Passionflower, Lemon Balm, Lavender.

Vitamins that are usually included in complexes for adrenal stress are vitamin C and Bs as, B2 or riboflavin, B3 or niacin, B6 or pyridoxine and B5 or pantothenic acid, or pantetheine, B-complexes are also highly effective for stress in general, especially when there is crash and it is necessary energy boost, and vitamin D as well for its properties on mood.

The specialist of Adrenal Stress is with no doubt Dr. Alan Christianson; I have been talking about his program and book in previous blogs and of course of his diet, “The Adrenal Reset Diet” based mainly on shakes and light meals arranged for eating carbs (restricted carbs) mainly at evening time while proteins during the day.

He does have variety of complexes for the different stage of stress, he defines three stages of adrenal stress, the stressed out, the wired and tired, and the crashed, each of this stage requires certain elements and herbs and amino acids.

Dr. Ben Lynch’s suggestions for adrenal stress are mainly based on regular and restoring sleep cycle and avoidance of stressors of all type, detoxification and support of methylations and mood functions. One of the herbs suggested from his company is the Ashwagandha or Withania Somnifera, as from the name we can understand its properties, but this herb has much more benefits, it is sold as single complex and included in multi-complex with more elements in formula for adrenal stress but also in a formula for sleep aid, so important to relax the body function and to detoxify, but his complexes include other herbs as well.

With stress thyroid can either hypo function than hyper function with the relative consequences, in the first case the metabolism is very low with fatigue, including brain and eyes fatigue, joints and muscles are painful, and so on, with hyper function, there is hyperactivity with all the body functions and anxiety and the worse are heart palpitations and tremors.

But when people get exhausted it’s more than hypo or hyper function, it’s almost matter of both and results are pretty serious, there is extreme fatigue and mental exhaustion simple for little things, but in the same time it can be anxiety too with all its consequences.

This change in thyroid function are also correlated with methylations mutations, and the MTHFR gene for these mutations.

If thyroid is hypo-functioning there is deficit of methylations, for the body needs more support, as methyl donors like methyl-folates, and methyl vitamin B12, vitamin B2 and B6 and Magnesium and phosphatidylcholine, these among the most important but more elements are within this cycle.

If instead hyper– functioning there is overmethylation and so more anxiety and high level of homocysteine eventually, the methyl groups gets in trap because the receptors are blocked by folic acid from diet and accumulate in the system causing variety of reactions and disturbs like high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, anxiety and more.

Methylation is a complex and vital process and there are many factors that contribute to that and mainly life style, stress and environment for the most as more times mentioned; these are the same factors for a proper thyroid function and not simply this, this is why all is connected and related. My simple assumptions, the last ones in regard of hypo and hyper function and methylation correlation, something that can be affecting many people at these times.

Thanks for reading.

Mariarosaria M.

Coronavirus e Sistema Immunitario Protocolli Naturali

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Il mondo naturopatico chiaramente si propone di affrontare il coronavirus in maniera differente. I protocolli sono vari e fondati soprattutto sulla fortificazione del sistema immunitario che risulta il target primario dell’attacco virale, attivazione dei linfociti T, storm delle cytokine, TNFa ed interleukine, attivazione dei macrofagi e di tutta la serie bianca del sistema immune cellulare, mentre gli anticorpi subentrano in una fase secondaria e sono il prodotto dei linfociti B.

I piu’ propogono  dosi elevate di vitamina C anche intravenosa o miscele di questa ed erbe adatte a supportare il sistema immunitario, tra le piu’ suggerite, l’Astragalo e l’Echinacea ed Eleuterococco, gia’ componenti di molti multivitaminici, e varie altre erbe; altri componenti che supportano il sistema immunitario sono l’ allicina dell’aglio e le foglie di olivo, integratori a base di funghi tipo Reishi, Maitake, Shiitake, ampiamente suggeriti anche come adiuvanti per le terapie contro il cancro, o terapie basate su colostro ed immunoglobuline, specie per tutti quelli con immunodeficienze ma anche con malattie autoimmuni che depletano il sistema immunitario per il costante attacco  del sistema contro l’organismo stesso,  il Dr. Tom O’Brian, naturopata famoso ed abbastanza seguito in USA, per esempio, produce una gamma di prodotti del genere.

Altre vitamine suggerite per supportare il sistema immunitario sono la vitamina D e la vitamina A anche a dosi piuttosto elevate. In USA normalmente ci sono complessi D di 5000 IU e molti le usano giornaliere, altri invece raccomandano tra le 1000-2000 IU al giorno, per la A anche 10.000 IU al giorno( consultare gli appositi RDA per le dose giornaliere in Italia).

Entrambe queste vitamine liposolubili possono casusare danni al fegato se a dosi elevate ed intossicazioni, certamente bisogna raggiungere valori estremi; per chi puo’ testare questa e’ la cosa migliore, in questo periodo  forse meglio evitare, quindi io suggerirei dosi moderate cosi ‘come ho sempre considerato per me stessa .

Circa la vitamina D, dati recenti appresi dallo stesso Dr.O’Brian, sono abbastanza confortanti da una prospettiva eventualmente preventiva, di sicuro in Italia  si e’ gia’ al corrente.

Da un articolo del “British Journal” e’ venuto fuori  dagli stessi ricercatori italiani che la maggior percentuale di italiani del nord abbia basse dosi di vitamina D e cosi’ in genere la maggior parte degli italiani compresi quelli che vivono al sud dove c’e’ piu’ sole. Un paradosso con le popolazioni scandinavie che nonostante vivono ancora piu’ a nord non hanno livelli cosi bassi; questo pare sia dovuto al fatto che i cibi in Italia non sono fortificati con vitamina D, mentre in altri paesei europei lo sono.

La vitamina D da tempo e’ menzionata  per la sua importanza nell’ambito del sistema immunitario e per altre benefiche proprieta’, puo’ intossicare il fegato a dosi elevate, ma a dosi regolari e’ perfettamente tollerata; inoltre sembra avere anche una positiva attivita’ sulle “thight junctions” che sono i punti di giunzione delle pareti intestinali contribuendo quindi al riparo di intestini permeabili e quindi di “leaky gut”, una delle maggiori cause delle patologie moderne e disfunzioni intestinali ecco perche’ vengono anche suggeriti complessi  che supportano la funzionalita’ gastro-intestinale generalmente a base di glutammina, zinco carnosina e licorice deglicerinizzata, o DGL, liquirizia che viene deprivata della parte che aumenta la pressione sanguigna, altri componenti sono presenti.

Chiaramente non mancano i probiotici, principali protagonisti della salute e bilancio del del microbiota e quindi dell’intestino e di tutto l’organismo, tra alcuni piu’ specifici per combattere le infezioni virali a Lactobacillus Plantarum-20 (Dr. M.Murray)che sembra esplicare attivita’ modulatoria sulle natural killer cells e linfociti T-1 che sono parte dei linfociti helper che collaborano all’attacco iniziale contro gli invasori.

Altro da menzionare il Saccaromyces  Boulardii, (Dr. Izabella Wentz, naturopata e specialista della tiroide), un lievito che normalmente viene prescritto per la malattia di Hashimoto’s capace di distruggere i vari “bad microbes” che possono attechire l’intestino di persone con problemi autoimmuni in quanto affetti da problemi intestinali e disbiosi e che sembra indurre la produzione di immunoglobuline A, i principali anticorpi di difesa di tutte le mucose protettive, questa naturopata suggerisce anche lo zinco solfato come tipo di zinco.

L’ N-acethyl cysteina, o NAC, componente  sulfurico presente nei cruciferi,  verdure come broccoli e verzo per lo piu’, e’ anche abbastanza menzionata sempre a certe dosi sufficienti per generare glutatione, la principale molecola antiossidante dell’organismo e potente antivirale, il selenio e’ anche importante per la produzione di glutatione e per il supporto immunitario come stimolante delle cellule bianche. NAC inoltre viene usata per disintossicazioni da acetaminofene corrispondente alla molecola di paracetamolo e come anti-mucolitico, quindi ecco perche’ in questi casi per cercare di contrastare la produzione di muco supportando la funzione respiratoria.

Un recente articolo del Dr. Michael Murray, altro famoso ed apprezzato naturopata in USA analizza vari punti chiave in risposta a domande varie relative alla virulenza del virus e fattori che possono contrastarlo. Una sua osservazione riguarda i recettori di entrata del virus e le possibili terapie di contrasto. Il virus come ben risaputo  contiene proteine di superficie che si legano ai recettori per l’enzima che converte l’angiotesina, ACE2, e che sono i recettori a cui si legano alcuni farmaci anti-ipertensivi, gli ACE inibitori.

Una delle ipotesi e’ stata quindi che tutti quelli che prendono gli inibitori dell’ACE2 sarebbero parzilamente protetti dal virus, ma anche a tale riguardo ci sono i vari punti di vista ed osservazioni, questo dottore per esempio crede che questi farmaci invece attivano i recettori ACE2 incrementandone il  numero per cui ci sarebbero piu’ vie di entrata.

Diversi articoli tratti da istituzioni nazionali del governo in USA come la NIH testimoniano la prima ipotesi e segnalano di studi attuali su volontari positivi al virus a cui vengono somministrati farmaci ACE-inibitori. Questi recettori inoltre si trovano non solo sui vasi sanguigni ma lungo tutto il tratto respiratorio e polmoni ed anche lungo il tratto gastrointestinale, ecco il perche’ delle varie vie di entrata del virus.

Altro fattore importante e’la carica virale come del resto accade per tutte le infezioni, piu contatti avvengono col virus piu sono le probabilita’ di ammalarsi ecco perche’ l’isolamento e la distanza sociale sono stati e sono necessari. Il virus in aggiunta usa proteasi della cellula ospite per degradare le proteine delle membrane  virali e della cellula ospite per fonderle insieme e formare un ponte che gli consente di entrare nelle cellule( Dr. M. Murray) unitamente alle proprie neuroaminidasi (N)ed emoagglutinine (H), enzimi virali che degradano i componenti delle membrane cellulari e che aggregano i gobuli rossi.

Droghe antivirali che sono inibitori di queste proteasi si stanno mostrando promettenti contro il coronanvirus, SARS-CoV-2 bloccando l’entrata del virus nelle cellule, supplementi che contegono proteasi, enzimi digestivi delle proteine come “serratia mucolitica peptidase”, (Dr. M.Murray) per esempio, o bromelina, e proteasi dei funghi, esplicano un significante beneficio nelle vie alte respiratorie migliorando la composizione dello strato protettivo mucoso, in aggiunta  possono anche degradare le proteine virali lungo il tratto intestinale.

Le droga antimalarica cloroquinina selezionata in USA come possible trattamento funziona come zinco ionoforo, uno ionoforo e’ una speciale membrana cellulare che permette l’entrata di ioni nella cellula. Nello stato ionico lo zinco e’ noto come inibitore della replicasi virale, cio’ non significa che lo zinco come supplemento puo’ bloccare la replicazione del virus, ma che il livello dello zinco ionico deve aumentare al’interno delle cellule e questo puo’ avvenire grazie alla azione coadiuvante di polifenoli e flavonoidi, pigmenti naturali presenti in frutta e verdure,  i polifenoli in aggiunta sono componenti dell’olio di oliva e del cioccolato fondente;  la quercitina, e invece’ un potente flavonoide ma non e ‘ben assorbita, ecco perche’ in USA alcune compagnie come quella di questo naturopata usano delle formule che aumentano l’assorbimento dette phytosome, come zinco ionoforo la quercitina puo’ svolgere la stessa funzione della cloroquinina e senza effetti collaterali, altro ionoforo pare essere l’EGCG, elemento presente nel green tea.(Dr. M. Murray)

Questo e’ quanto i naturopati dichiarano, chiaramente bisogna avere fede in questa scienza e questi suggerimenti per molti possono valere in misura preventiva, o coadiuvante, e’ chiaro che nei momenti critici bisogna sempre ricorrere ai propri medici e nei casi piu’ drastici consultare gli appositi numeri di emergenza.

Ci sono stati di recente dibattiti circa l’Eldeberry,  o Sambucus Nigra, pare sia emerso da un vecchio articolo che questa potesse generare uno storm, o tempesta di citokine.

Per il Dr. Peter D’Adamo e la Dr. Suzy Cohen, anche essa famosa, naturopata e farmacista, l’eldeberry agisce da inibitore delle neuroaminidasi (N), ed emoagglutinine(H), la ragione per cui sta avendo successo contro le influenze da tempo, oltre questa attivita’ l’eldeberry regola anche la produzione di alcune citokine, interleuckine e TNFa che sono definite come pro-infiammatori, quindi ecco il  perche’ delle controversie, solo che i naturopati fanno osservare che l’infiammazione e’un processo necessario quando contenuto per rispondere ad ogni tipo di attacco dall’esterno; in conclusione, l’eldeberry per il mondo naturopatico sicuramente supporta le difese del sistema immunitario contro il virus.

Tipiche tips suggerite dalla maggiore dei naturopati sono: riposo, consistenti ore di sonno, idratazione, dieta organica a base di verdure e frutta e spezie naturali, la “rainbow diet”, con tutti i colori dell’arcobaleno, rilievo dello stress con meditazione, preghiera, attivita fisica, musica, cucina, coltivazione di un arte, etc.,qualsiasi pratica preferita che aiuta a distrasi ed a distaccarsi da questa realta’ assurda e catastrofica.

La speranza e’ che  questi elementi naturali possano veramente esplicare una azione valida e sufficiente a contrastare l’attacco di questo virus o almeno a ridurne le sintomatologie, complicazioni e pericolosita’ fino a quando qualcosa di concreto possa venire fuori o la virulenza stessa decadere o magari  che il virus subisca una mutazione che lo renda meno fatale cosi come e’ successo in passato con altri virus.

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